Winning the Dr. Oz Challenge

Dish by Trish on The Dr Oz Show, Lean Bean Enchiladas Supreme, Weight loss Recipe, Low Calorie, Healthy, Vegan

Happy to announce I won Dr. Oz’s Calorie Cutting Challenge!

Dr. Oz issued a nationwide search for the best healthy recipe. Three finalists were chosen including yours truly and I was flown to New York City to compete against a slimmed-down version of manicotti and chicken fried steak. I represented California and made a healthier version of enchiladas.

My Lean Bean Enchiladas Supreme contained half the amount of calories in traditional enchiladas. I packed these guys with L-O-T-S of spice and the judges seem to really like the flavor. I won! A link to some of the footage can be found here. Thanks for your support, friends!

Dish by Trish on The Dr Oz Show, Lean Bean Enchiladas Supreme, Weight loss Recipe, Low Calorie, Healthy, Vegan


  1. says

    Congratulations, Trish! You are beautiful. I hope to see you on TV more often! :)

  2. Elizabeth Cavallari says


  3. michelle says

    Awesome!  Great job

  4. Hester says

    Yay!  Like I said, I was jumping up and down.  I knew you had to win because of the different flavor components that were in your dish.  I do agree that dishes with less calories should still pack on the flavor :-)  Congratulations, Trish!  Did you get anything besides the fabulous exposure and that golden oven mitt?

  5. says

    Yay! awesome. I love Dr. Oz and I follow his recipes blindly. I am so glad you won. Your recipe has so many wonderful flavors in it. Congrats!

  6. Authenticsuburbangourmet says

    Congratulations Trish!  That is so exciting that you were on the Dr. Oz show and WON!  You are a superstar!!!

  7. kitchenconfidante says

    Trish!!! I’ve been meaning to stop by and say a proper congratulations for quite a while! Woo hoo!!! How exciting!

  8. says

    Hi Trish, it was great to meet you last week at the Driscoll’s berry event.  Congratulations on winning the challenge, that is awesome!  I love enchiladas and must try your recipe.  I’m looking forward to perusing your site.

  9. Gina @ Skinnytaste says

    SO awesome!! I was in the audience a few months ago, so much energy, loved it!!

  10. eatingRD says

    How cool!!! Congratulations!! :)

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