The Mediterranean Diet + Baba Ganoush

 mediterranean diet, Baba Ganoush, eggplant spread

May marks the celebration of National Mediterranean Diet Month. Who likes foods and drinks from the Mediterranean? I certainly do. To celebrate, I paired up with Oldways to write a short article on the health benefits of a Mediterranean Diet and post a delicious Mediterranean-inspired recipe, Baba Ganoush.

Oldways is a non-profit food and nutrition education organization, with a mission to guide people to good health through heritage. They provide research and promote a “harmony of traditional food patterns, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating and drinking.” They offer a plethora of resources including health studies and tips for healthy eating, shopping and cooking. I’ve been eyeing up their Culinary Travel section for some time now; Madrid in Fall 2013 sounds good to me :-) And I particularly love their Heritage Pyramids that take into account a person’s background to assist them in making healthier yet practical eating choices.

Please head on over to Oldways for my delicious recipe. Here is the link.


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    Thanks for sharing that link. Yes, even I have been exploring on what my ancestors ate and where I am going wrong. That realization made me try dishes with grains like finger millet, red rice et al. Happy memorial day to you as well!

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    Yay for the Mediterranean Diet!! I love baba ganoush but have never made it from scratch… Will head over to Oldways for the recipe!

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