The Mediterranean Diet + Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush

  May marks the celebration of National Mediterranean Diet Month. Who likes foods and drinks from the Mediterranean? I certainly do. To celebrate, I paired up with Oldways to write a short article on the health benefits of a Mediterranean Diet and post a delicious Mediterranean-inspired recipe, Baba Ganoush. Oldways is a non-profit food and nutrition education organization, with… 

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Interview with Weight Loss Expert + a Giveaway


Recently I caught up with weight loss expert, Manuel Villacorta. Manuel is a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in sports dietetics. I met Manuel several years ago in San Francisco at a dietitian-related function. Not only is Manual a cool guy but he is very passionate about helping people lose weight and keep it off. His… 

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Another year older…

inspirational quote, joseph campbell

Another year older. Another year wiser. Birthdays sure are bitter sweet. Thank you, friends, for your continued friendship and a big thank you to the guy above for another year with good health. For me, birthdays are a good reminder of how short this life truly is. And how at any given moment we can… 

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Creamy Avocado Pesto


With basil and pine nuts, this creamy plant-based pesto lends itself to classic pesto flavors with a twist. Traditional pesto is made with basil, olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese but we’ve created our own oil-free pesto! It is plant-loving and free of extracted oils, yet still rich and creamy. Not only does this… 

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Crispy Parsnip Chips


This recipe caught my eye over the winter as I was paging through one of my Irish cookbooks. I meant to post the recipe during the winter months but these lovely bites are great any time of year. I added a little side of vinegar to give the chips a little kick and that boardwalk… 

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Lucky Watercress & Lime Soup


Question: What does a 7-course Irish meal usually consist of? Answer: A boiled potato and a 6-pack of Guinness Actually, truth be told, Irish cuisine has come a long way. In celebrating my Irish heritage this month, I’ve decided to highlight a few Irish-inspired recipes and share them with you. This recipe, Watercress & Lime Soup, is not… 

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