Weeknight Asian Dishes


Are you in the mood for some excellent vegan Asian food, but don’t want to spend all your money on take-out?  Try making your own Asian-inspired recipes.  It can be hard to find good vegan food at a low cost.  Specialty restaurants often seem ridiculously over-priced.  And you still can’t be sure of finding exactly what you want.  A better idea is to save your money and make your own food using quality, low-cost groceries and ingredients that are high in flavor.  Here are three excellent vegan-friendly recipes sure to tantalize your taste buds.

1.  Spicy Tofu Hotpot: Save time and dishes with this one-pot meal.  Garlic, ginger and chili-garlic sauce make a spicy flavorful broth. Additionally, the tofu absorbs the flavors as it cooks. If you don’t find all the ingredients at your local grocery store, you may have to go to an Asian market. It will be well worth the trip for this dish that only takes about 30 minutes to prepare. Noodles and shitake mushrooms, along with the tofu, make this a substantial and hearty soup that is sure to satisfy.

2.  Teriyaki Tofu and Pineapple Kebabs: A tasty, spicy glaze that is simmered and thickened over the stove covers these skewers made of tofu, pineapple and bell pepper. Maple syrup is a surprising ingredient that adds a special sweetness to the sauce. Red pepper flakes give it a touch of heat. The skewers are baked, not grilled, to make sure the tofu stays in-tact. This recipe is also around 30 minutes from start to finish, including baking time. 

3.  Asian Coleslaw: This recipe uses only five ingredients. With a mix of shredded cabbage, mandarin oranges, peanuts, light Italian dressing, and soy sauce, you can have a delicious Asian-inspired dish, great as a side for get-togethers, or simply for an at-home treat. The recipe makes a full twelve servings, so you’ll have plenty to go around. Take a look at the website listed above for the exact ingredient measurements and directions.

Save on Asian Food: Vegan Recipes to Make at Home

While most restaurants and grocery stores are not yet designed with the vegan in mind, you can plan ahead and find what you need for some good vegan meals. If Asian food is what you’re craving, consider skipping a trip to the restaurant with its over-priced fare. Instead, use these three recipes to make your own Asian-inspired dinners and sides.

This is a guest post from Elizabeth Baker,  a regular contributor on Frugal Dad. She enjoys cooking and discovering frugal ways to explore all that her kitchen and wallet has to offer. 

  • http://swankydietitian.com/ Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

    I made similar kabobs with tofu, pineapple, and red pepper. They were delicious and super inexpensive!! YUM!
    I have to make this asian coleslaw. Sounds great! 

    • admin

      Yum! Sounds great!

  • http://www.dinedashdeadlift.com/ Tanya @ Dine, Dash & Deadlift

    Love asian food. I need to try out the “Spict Tofu Hotpot”. 1 pot meals are a must for me! :-)