The Mediterranean Diet + Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush

  May marks the celebration of National Mediterranean Diet Month. Who likes foods and drinks from the Mediterranean? I certainly do. To celebrate, I paired up with Oldways to write a short article on the health benefits of a Mediterranean Diet and post a delicious Mediterranean-inspired recipe, Baba Ganoush. Oldways is a non-profit food and nutrition education organization, with… 

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Creamy Avocado Pesto


With basil and pine nuts, this creamy plant-based pesto lends itself to classic pesto flavors with a twist. Traditional pesto is made with basil, olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese but we’ve created our own oil-free pesto! It is plant-loving and free of extracted oils, yet still rich and creamy. Not only does this… 

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Red Lentils with Stewed Tomatoes


Winter inspires me to cook warm, hearty dishes with a little heat thrown in – chili, spicy soups and legume dishes, especially lentils. I know plenty of people who are unmoved by lentils but I adore them. They easily soak up different flavors and can be paired with a variety of ingredients. They’re nourishing, relatively… 

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Spicy Watermelon Salsa


Piggy-backing off the last post, I found a new way to use my delicious, plentiful watermelon. So far, I made watermelon coolers, watermelon ice-pops, and now a yummy and spicy watermelon salsa! Watermelon is the perfect ingredient for a sweeter-style salsa. The two star ingredients in this salsa, though, are really the spicy Padrón pepper… 

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Strawberry-Citrus Sorbet

Strawberry Lemon Sorbet

As the temperature heats up outside, how about cooling down with some sorbet? I sought out to make a strawberry mint granita, later realizing I had no mint and not enough ice. This recipe is very easy provided you have a blender or food processor and some frozen strawberries. Kids will enjoy it too and… 

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Garlicky Curried Lentils


When I started cooking more plant-based dishes I got really interested in Indian cooking. Indian cooking uses a lot of veggies and dresses them up nicely using fragrant spices, herbs and oils. Many dishes in Indian cuisine are naturally healthy, delicious and many of them are not that costly. My ultimate favorite spice is coriander…. 

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