Spicy Watermelon Salsa


Piggy-backing off the last post, I found a new way to use my delicious, plentiful watermelon. So far, I made watermelon coolers, watermelon ice-pops, and now a yummy and spicy watermelon salsa! Watermelon is the perfect ingredient for a sweeter-style salsa. The two star ingredients in this salsa, though, are really the spicy Padrón pepper… 

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Sweet Watermelon Ice Pops


Recently, I made watermelon coolers. They were exactly what I was looking for–a tasty and refreshing summer drink. The problem with watermelon is I had so much remaining. I had to get creative. This is how I came up with watermelon salsa and here, sweet watermelon pops.

Fresh Watermelon Coolers


For my sixth birthday, my mom threw me a pink and green-themed birthday party, my two favorite colors at the time. Watermelon fit in nicely with this theme. My mother gathered napkins, plates, cups and goody bags featuring watermelons. I got my first big-girl bike that year, a big sea-foam green bike with light pink… 

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